How Do I Use The 2010 NFPA 72?

A little more time consuming though, the Index is a great way to use this book giving you the exact article number to your question. The Table of Contents however is a little easier pointing you in the right direction with the exact page number to start your search. The book is marked by page number and not the article number as the Electrical code book. For example Manual Actuated Alarm Initiating Devices also known as pull boxes in the Table of Contents fall in chapter 17.14 which points you to 72-99. The 72 is NFPA 72 (Fire Alarm Book) and the 99 is the page. Using the top left and top right hand corners will give you only the page numbers and not the article numbers. If looking for the proper mounting of smoke detectors in 29.8.3* understand that the * directs you to Annex A which has additional information pertaining to that article. The new article to check now would be A 29.8.3 and if you do not know where Annex A starts, the Table of Contents will tell you. Tabs as well as a highlighting where every chapter begins as well as subarticles will help you before test taking.

*Remember to study from the same book (handbook or paperback) that you will be tested on.