How Do I Use The 2005, 2008, 2011 or 2014 NEC (NFPA 70)?

The National Electrical Code Book or NEC is unique and easy to navigate if you learn how to use the index located in the back of the book. Using a keyword in your question will give you every possible article in the book that may contain the answer you are looking for (if using the index) versus using the table of contents that only give you the information pertaining to that one specific topic neglecting the other 10 other sections in which your answer may appear.

Using the top left hand and top right hand corners of the page gives you the range of articles that the two pages contain. Tabs and highlighting the title of articles and Part I, II, III etc.....of that specific article will allow you to recognize what information pertains to that part of the article. This should be done prior to test taking.

*Remember to study from the same book (handbook or paperback) that you will be tested on.