Examples 4-6 and Explanations for Electricians Work duties on your License Application

     Example 4

     I have worked with____________ Electric pulling Data communication lines through underfloor raceways from Demark telephone closets to new partion office locations.  I have punched down 66 and 110 blocks as well as telephone jacks using appropriate color code and punch down tools.

     Example 5

     Have worked in renovating building and floors in ________ and many other buildings.  Installed 4 inch pipe for communications and power.  Built racks made of kindorff suspended from the ceiling to support 4 inch pipe using K-straps.  Installed risers to pull boxes through 22 floors.  Worked in pump room in _____ using galvanized pipe and fittings .  Jobbing in a van everyday to install separted lines in a number of buildings to meet code and customer needs.  Installed 1 inch pipe under raised floors on kindorff to pullboxes that led to new panels throughout the floor, pulled wires and terminated.  Spliced in pull boxes, grounded panels to existing street side of water mains and supplemental grounds to rods using ground clamps.

     Example 6

     ________ had a contract with _________ wihich needed alot of work.  Had to ground panels, install lighting over assebly line locations through the use of galvanized pipe and sealtight.  In residential services required 2 men and involved replacing service mast, weather head, meter enclosures and panels.  Cutting, threading pipe, bonding and securing using 1 1/2" pipe, straps, and bonding bushings led to passing inspection.  Roughing out houses according to the NEC code gave the resisdential experience I needed.  BX or Armored cable was installed neatly running on 90 degrees and used BX staples as well as anti-short bushing and made sure BX was installed at least 1 1/2" away from the edge of the beam to avoid future problems.